Will’s new smile


Will:  Um, does something look funny in my mouth?


While I’m exceptionally grateful that he didn’t knock out the entire tooth, and that he didn’t bust his nose or any other body parts when he was messing around on the scaffolding that the guys put up to work on the house…I find myself  a bit sad that my baby’s beautiful smile, while still beautiful, is just…a bit…different…now.


  1. Ellen Hagen says:

    Sarah, my oldest twin daughter, tripped on the sidewalk while chasing a cat and chipped her front tooth. Glad to say it was a baby tooth, not like poor Will’s.

  2. Deb Levy says:

    That’s a killer smile…now with a just a little character. The look is handsome with just a touch of mischief… the girls will swoon!

  3. Christine Olson says:

    It’ll be easier for the teachers to tell them apart! Still a very handsome young man.

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