Up on the wrong side of the bed?

1.  June is one of my worst allergy months, so I’m not firing on all cylinders to begin with.

2.  It was pouring this morning, so no swimming lessons, and the boys were at the shop acting like wild animals this morning.

OK, maybe they weren’t THAT bad, but I had someone here learning about my quilting machine, and they weren’t really helpful.

3.  Someone came into the shop looking for something I don’t have.  She saw this bag I have, and asked who made it.  I told her, and then she said “But why did she use this fabric?”dsc01090

I tried to explain that I thought it was funny, you know, being knitting needles and all, but she just screwed up her nose at me. “But it’s skulls?”  Yes, but it’s KNITTING NEEDLES.  I’m a KNITTING SHOP.  And I thought it was funny.

“Well, the bag is really well-made, but I’d never choose this one.”

I can’t even remember what else she said, but it was all done very rudely.  Body language, look on her face, etc…

Now, I get it.  I really do.  I know my taste is not the same as everyone else’s.  I just think it’s POLITE to not be RUDE about disliking something that someone else likes.

In other words, If you Can’t Say Anything Nice, Don’t Say Anything At All.

3.  The yarn I ordered (that took forever to get here…):  one of the colors a customer has been waiting for is backordered for 2 to 3 weeks.

4.  Phone call:

ME:  Knots & Bolts, This is Suzanne.

Caller:  Yes, Suzanne, is that Des Moines Bolt?

ME: ???

ME:  No, this is Knots and Bolts, a quilt shop.

Caller: ……………………..

ME:  Hello?

Now again, what is it with rude people?  Even if I dial a wrong number, I’m at least polite, and apologize for disturbing the person.  I don’t just RUDELY HANG UP!!


I wish I could go back to bed.

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  1. kayp says:

    all i got to say is “you are way nice when you get up on the wrong side compared to me!” now me, i want to punch my face in when i get the crabbies!

  2. Ramona Quilter says:

    OK, not to winkie in your Wheaties but you have 2 number 3’s in this post. I’m not trying to be rude – the proofreader in me made me say it.

    I hope you have a better day. The rain will calm the pollen…or does it work that way in Iowa?

  3. Caron Mosey says:

    I love the bag, and share your sense of humor.

    Some people just simply need to be SPANKED. Seriously!

    We’ve had people call in the middle of the night… presumably by dialing the wrong number. Do they apologize??????????? Heck no! They sit there with you on the line wondering if it is your elderly parent who might need help… or a kid of yours who is up to no good… they stay on the line while you ask over and over “Hello? Who is there? Do you need help?” and then after a minute, hang up.


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