House Project, Part 2


The siding came off yesterday, and the Tyvek went up.

The windows came out today, and no surprise:  one of them was seriously rotten.  I can’t wait until they do the bay window.  I’m sure that’ll be just as lovely.dsc00647a

The bits of wood on the ground are some of what came off that rotten corner.  It just crumbled if you touched it.

The door came out today, too, and I have to warn you:  the pictures are not for the fainthearted homeowner:




On the one hand, I love this house, but when I see stuff like this, I start to wonder if the damn thing is going to just crumple into a heap one of these days.

Wade and TJ put in a long day and got a lot done:


All 5 new windows are in, and this was before the door went in.  Because of the rotten wood, it took longer to put in than expected.

The bay still needs to be replaced, but he needs to round up some extra helpers:  that sucker is heavy, and it will require some muscle to deal with.

As it is, the helpers that come with Wade and TJ aren’t really much help:


Maggie is a well-behaved young lady of about 2 (I think?).


Zoe is a very energetic 6 month old Husky.

It’s been quite a hoot to have 4 dogs running around here this week.  Katie hates it.  She is totally intimidated by all of the bigger dogs.  Cocoa’s not entirely sure what to think.

It’s been a long, busy day.  I think I’m going to curl up with a book, another long busy day will be here before I’m ready for it.




  1. Mary says:

    Keith almost freaked when we remodeled in GA and he realized that we lived in a Styrofoam house…he grew up in Florida with cinder block…..

  2. Freda Henderson says:

    Yep, that will make a homeowners heart skip a beat. Just keep thinking what good shape it will be in when the work is done. Love the helpers especially Zoe. We had a red and white Siberian Husky named Whiskey(18 year old son named him). I always loved those blue eyes.

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