Story of my life plus socks

My memory card is at the shop — AGAIN — so I had to resort to using Mark’s camera. I really dislike his camera, because I’ve never been able to take a decent picture with it, and these photos are no exception. This is what, the bazillionth time I’ve left the memory card in a different place than the camera? Sheesh.
(and on top of the crappy pictures problem, Firefox crashed on me every time I tried to insert pictures, so I’m using IE and I despise IE so it’s a wonder I’m even actually posting this…)

But! I wanted to show off: I redid the bind-off edge of my red sock:


I went poking around the site where I had gotten the initial instructions for starting a toe-up sock, and lo and behold, she had a FAQ page where she answers a question about binding off. Worked like a charm.

(Sock was knit toe-up following instructions at, the stitch pattern is a very simple garter rib, with a K2P2 ribbed cuff. Yarn is Heritage Handpaints by Cascade in a colorway called Cherry Berry. I’m currently out of it, but I have 2 other colors, plus the solids…

That handknit sock must be contrasted with:


This poor sock has some serious technical issues, not least of which is the dropped stitches in the mock rib cuff…but LOOK!!!!!!

I knit a sock on my CSM today!!!!

The heel is practically perfect. The toe itself, too, except for where I messed up the finishing of the toe. But LOOK!!!! It’s an actual SOCK!

I was pretty much faking it, as far as the size went, and it turns out that even though the toe is alittle misshapen, it fits Will’s foot pretty well.

I probably ought not to tempt fate by trying to work on any other knitting or sewing project, I’m probably safest curling up with a book and going to bed early…


  1. Adam says:

    word press wasn’t letting me upload pics either. I assumed it was them but maybe it was FF?

  2. Ellen Hagen says:

    Love your socks! One of my twin daughters knits socks for me. She does her socks when she is riding in the car.

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