Ran away from home

I decided to run away from home and am in Overland Park, Kansas at the Machine Quilter’s Exposition Showcase.(*)  I told the boys I was going to Kansas City.  And they’d have to ask “Is that Missouri or Kansas?”  And of course then I’d have to admit that TECHNICALLY I was going to OP.  But it is definitely Kansas.

It’s just a quick trip, though, I’ll be back home tomorrow evening.

Just to teach me a lesson, my family went off and got a new family member this evening.

She’s a 3 year old chocolate lab: her name is Koko, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to change the spelling to either Coco or even Cocoa.  Pictures tomorrow.

(*)  Whoops.

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  1. sammi says:

    Why are u changing her name? Maybe I’ll hold that question until after I see pics!!

    KoKo sounds really good to me ! but then I have an 80 pound basset hound named Phred, so what do I know!?!

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I like Koko with Ks also, but promise to love her and tend to her needs when you vacation this summer. I might have to stop over to meet her tomorrow evening.

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