Look! Green grass!

Oh, and a cute kid plus a dog, too.


Last weekend, Mark got to babysit Wrigley, his sister’s dog.  Does that make him our nephew?

Wrigley got to come over to our yard for several hours and the boys had a blast playing with him.  They were really thrilled that he let them lay down on top of them, and I think that I heard that it was even funnier when he was laying on top of them.  (Katie pretty much ignores the boys and wants nothing to do with them.  Unless one of them is are sitting on the couch, and then she’ll decide that he is her new best friend and jump up to sit on the couch with them…)

Will took this picture.  I have a whole bunch of pictures that the 2 boys took of Wrigley.  Unfortunately, many of them are of Wrigley’s backside, as we was walking away from the camera.

And we won’t even talk about the series of photos in which the poor dog’s privacy was invaded while he was, um, answering the call of nature…

Mark’s been keeping his eye on the swap sheet, looking for just the right dog that needs a good new home.  I’ve given the 3 boys my blessing, but I’m trying to stay out of it.  I’ve told them to go ahead, but they shouldn’t

expect me to fall in love with a new dog.

Yeah, I don’t believe me, either.


  1. Christine Olson says:

    ROFLOL! Yep, you’ll be hooked. Our dog is a black lab mix that was a freebie. (BTW, there is no FREE dog. A quick visit to the vet for shots and deworming meds proved that, plus $250 tree he ripped out of our yard.)

    But he’s grown up with DS and has mellowed considerably. So I give you the advice that was given to me. Boys need a dog! VBG

  2. Diana Wilson says:

    I agree Labs are the BEST! They are gentle and loyal and loving. They also can be a good protector when they want to be. My lab is always by my side. Of course you will need stock in tennis balls. (their favorite toy) My dog will run until he just can’t anymore, 5 minutes of rest and he’s back at it. With two boys (3?) he will get lots of fetching the ball time!
    Good luck!

  3. debby says:

    That dog is DEFINITELY your nephew. I had a chocolate lab nephew, Jackson, for many years. He is no longer with us, but last week I got a new neice…. Mallory, another chocolate lab.

    I can’t wait to see who your boys bring home!

  4. Freda Henderson says:

    I don’t believe it either cause you know you will fall in love with it. Boys, young or more mature, should never have a camera around animals. They think calls of nature are funny and need to be memoralized. We have a four legged granddaughter named Matilda.

  5. Diane says:

    Adorable photo of my dog and my nephew! You know, if the guys are so interested in documenting the call of nature, maybe they would like to come over and pick up the results of said call……….Ben would be happy to hand over that job!!

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