Is it wrong?


Is it wrong to express devotion to a monitor?

Because right now, I am seriously in love.

My computer is 2 years old, and came with a 19 inch monitor.  I wasn’t unhappy with it, but I kept feeling like I could use even MORE real estate.  I contemplated a 2nd 19 inch monitor to match.  And nearly bought one several times, though I wonder now how I thought I was going to connect it?

But then.  Then, I became the owner of a 24 inch iMac at the shop,  and promptly decided that what I really needed at home was a 24 inch monitor.

Last night at Best Buy I almost bought one, it was an HP, looked like a return item that was about $150 less than full price.  I couldn’t quite justify it, though, and we went about the rest of our shopping.

Part of our excursion included a trip to Sam’s Club, where they had this baby.

It is 26 inches. TWENTY SIX INCHES.

And was the same price as the HP I almost bought.

So if it’s wrong to be in love with a monitor, I don’t want to know about it, because my Vizio monitor and I are a very happy together today.


  1. Deb Levy says:

    WOW 26 inches! That’s huge!! I thought my new 22″ one was big (well it is bigger than the 15″ I had before), but wow…that’s really cool.

  2. Shelley says:

    That is so cool! I didn’t know they made affordable ones that big. Sure would be nicer than the laptop for watching the quilting videos! Hmmmmm……

  3. Judy L. says:

    Not, not wrong at all. I squawked when DH insisted I needed a larger monitor for my desktop and we just bought that same one from Sam’s. I’ve only used it about a week but already can’t imagine not having it. Honestly though . . I hope they don’t continue making them larger. 🙂

  4. Warty Mammal says:

    8>) It’s beautiful.

    The nice thing about the new LCD monitors is that they’re lighter and take up significantly less space than the CRT versions.

  5. Lynn Douglass says:

    You should have seen my reaction when Collin hooked the computer up to our 42″ HDTV! I was over the moon! Wouldn’t you know it? Scott had to have the t.v. back! ARGH!

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