Home sweet home postcards

I’ve been very remiss in acknowledging the really wonderful postcards I’ve gotten in this most recent round of postcard exchanging at MQResource.

Our theme was Home Sweet Home, and it took me until…well, the day before the mailing deadline before I decided what to do with mine…

Here are the cards I’ve gotten so far:


(from Judy W)


(from Vicki W., it’s a topography of her sewing room floor.  funny, i thought maybe it was MY sewing room floor…)


(from my mother.  it’s the old woman of mother goose fame’s new digs…she included a really funny “note” from the Old Woman.  each shoe was different colors, i think.  not that she shared them with me ahead of time)


(from Michelle W.  I was sure I had rotated this before uploading.  those are windows and doors that you can open, behind them are the different things in her home sweet home:  family, trust, memories, friendship, etc…)


(from Helen H.  hers had a note about when she’s on a trip, when she calls home and hears the dog and her squeaky bone in the background, that’s what makes her homesick)


(from Jami C, who is dreaming of a log cabin in the woods…)


(from Deb L.  Do you suppose she used her die cutter??)

Thanks everyone, it’s so much fun to get such great mail!

My cards?  Yeah, I forgot to take pictures of mine before I mailed them.  I haven’t heard anyone complain that mine didn’t make it intact, but I’ve been worried that one of my “embellishments” might get damaged in transit.  I hope that someone that received a card from me will scan or take a picture show I can show my goofiness.

The IQ stopped in the middle of a pass, better go see what it wants from me…



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  1. Deb Levy says:

    “Do you suppose she used her die cutter??”

    Duh!!!!!!! I’ll post photos of yours tomorrow…it’s movie night…gotta go!

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