73 pounds of Cocoa


We’re all still getting to know one another, but Cocoa seems to be fitting in pretty well.

Speaking of fitting, Katie can actually walk underneath Cocoa without having to duck.   20 pounds of Katie looks pretty tiny compared to 73 pounds of Cocoa.


This one didn’t have anything to do with the dogs, though that is Cocoa’s head at the bottom.  I just thought this was a nice one of Will, especially with the tree bokeh in the background.  I did have to use Photoshop to whiten his teeth, though.  Apparently it’s time for another “How to Brush Properly” lesson.


HOpe you are having a nice weekend.  Apparently my new Sunday ritual is a long nap in the afternoon, followed by not accomplishing very much.


  1. mom says:

    how are katie and cocoa getting along?
    A rare moment at the Ellsworths-just me and the cats at home. Deb and both kids went to pick up daddy from the train station. Grilled steaks tonight. Yummy.
    see you in a couple days

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