Thread yuck


Bit by bit, inch by inch, I got it all out.  There was probably an easier way to do it, but I couldn’t see how to take any more of the machine apart to get to the spot wehre it was wrapped, without totally dismantling things:  something I wasn’t prepared to do.

I’d snag a bit with my seam ripper, grab what I could with the tweezers, work the handwheel back and forth and pull it out, bit by bit by bit.  It was impossible to see and to light, though now that I think of it:  I should have gotten one of the campnig headlights the boys have.  Naturally, the thread was a very fine cotton (Masterpiece) so it was hard to see and to grab with the tweezers.  It’s really a very light tan, but each successive bit I pulled out was more and more grease covered.

That’s pretty much and hour and a half of my life I’ll never get back.

Though, I’m glad to have just spent my time and it’s done.  I’m afraid my camera is going to require an out of warranty trip to Sony before it’s all better.


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