Precision….lawn mowing??

I’ve been dreaming about quilting patterns lately, but last night’s dream took a turn for the weird.

There were lawn mowers.

And people were buying pantograph patterns for lawn mowing.  Some were push mowers, others used riding mowers.  Some were hand-guided, others used computers to execute the patterns in their lawns.  I suppose they could probably use GPS to guide their mowers.

It occurred to me this morning that instead of No Sew Zones, you’d need…wait for it…No Mow Zones, in order to have the computer avoid obstacles like houses or trees.

I’m not surprised that I was dreaming about looking through pattern catalogs, that’s what I did for quite awhile last night.

But can someone tell me this?

Why the hell was I dreaming about lawn mowers?  I haven’t touched a lawn mower in…at least 5 years!!!


  1. Freda Henderson says:

    HAHAHA Suzanne. I can’t tell you why you dreamed about lawn mowers but it is a funny story.

  2. Eileen says:

    Reminds me of the story Janet-Lee tells of using a snowblower to make feather designs in the snow!!

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