Post April Fools

The boys were watching Tom & Jerry cartoons for awhile before going to bed.


While I was trying to take their picture, Katie was whining at me, wanting to jump up into my lap.  By chance I caught her tongue:


Did you have a nice April Fools Day?  I tried to be pretty careful baout what I read online yesterday, I got caught by one blog post on a digiscrapping blog I read.

After school:

Joe: I got 3 marks today.


Joe: April Fools!

(They get marks for forgetting things, not turning in homework, etc.  One is bad, 2 is dire and 3 in one week  means a trip to the principal, lunch with the principal, and they don’t participate in the quarterly “responsibility” party….)

He got his Dad too.  I couldn’t watch (my face would have given it away) but I could FEEL the anger emanating from Mark as he got wound up…it was pretty funny.

My evil sister-in-law got me too.  She works at the bank and called me yesterday afternoon.

Evil SIL: Hey, I’m working on overdraft notices and I’ve got one for one of your accounts.

Me: WHAT??!?!?!?!?!?

Evil SIL: Or maybe it’s just April Fools.

I swear, my blood pressure went up about 20 points.

Mark is already contemplating ways in which to get her back.  She should be very afraid.

I finished appliqueing the words on the Life, Liberty & Happiness quilt, I’d show it to you, but it looks just the same as the last picture, just sewn down.  I feel a bit of a let down when I finish a quilt top lately, I don’t know for sure when I’ll get to quilt it (I’m a little bit behind right now) and I really just want to throw it on and get it quilted!


  1. Karen (Misiz C) says:

    LOL… sounds like you had a fun day. I’m particularly happy my DD#2 (HS senior) chose to save her prank for her classmates. Just thinking about it makes me go EWW. She removed the cream from a handful of oreo cookies and replaced it with white, minty toothpaste. (No worries…. she didn’t let anyone really eat the cookies)

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