That’s what I’m talking about

Follow up to yesterday, I give you this morning’s timetable:

6:45 AM  Telltale signs of small boys getting their breakfast out can be heard.

7:00 AM  One boy comes in to ask if he can play Wii.  He is fully dressed, teeth brushed, bag is packed and ready to go.

7:05 AM Other boy comes in.  Same.

7:45 AM Grateful Mom decides to finally get up.

8:00 AM Wii is turned off before Mom even mentions it.

8:08 AM  Out the door and on to school ON TIME.  NO YELLING.

This is not the first time they have proven that they can get ready in a timely fashion, not rushing, just doing it, under their own power, without Mom or Dad cracking the whip.  And they admit that it’s much nicer this way.

The trick, of course, is for Mom to work on not being hypocritical.  How many times have I proven that I can do this or that or the other thing in a timely fashion without rushing around at the last minute???  Funny, that.

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