Q Week

It was Q week in Kindergarten, and the teachers asked if I’d visit the class and talk about quilts for awhile.

I like Kindergarten — they are so cute and sweet.

Of course, I don’t think I’d like it if I had to be there all day everyday, but for a short visit it was great.

There are 2 teachers, but they share one big room and do most of the in-room stuff together.  They split for things like music, art, PE.


You can see some goofballs that had to get in on both pictures.  I do feel badly that the teachers are headless bodies.  But they aren’t as cute as the kids.


When I arrived they were doing the Hokey Pokey.  Myfavorite was when the put their TONGUES in.  You try it, you have to sing the verse with your tongue sticking out.

They were a pretty talkative, but they listened, and asked questions, and I think they enjoyed my visit.  I took quilts that either had blocks (or applique) that looked like something (like my snowman row quilt and my watermelon log cabins), or they were quilts that my boys had a connection with (their baby quilts, they quilts they’ve helped make).

My boys are still CUTE, but they aren’t SWEET like Kindergartners.  At least, not most of the time.

Have a great night!


p.s.  You are welcome for the Hokey Pokey earworm.  Did you try it with your tongue sticking out?  Come on!  I know you want to!


  1. Adam says:

    Oh man, I love looking at pictures like this because you can totally pick who all the kids are going to be when they’re in high school! I see at least 2 cheerleaders (the blonde will make captain even though the brunette is better) Kid in the back is totally going to art school to make sculptures out of found objects And that pensive kid in the plaid? He’s totally going to turn into me

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