I can never seem to find my little container of binding clips.  Technically, the ones I own came from the hair products aisle at my local big box store (Have you ever noticed that if a company markets something non-quilty as being a “quilt” product, the price magically increases???)

I can never remember to buy more, either, so I usually can find about 2 and I just leapfrog them along the binding as I work on hand-sewing a quilt binding.

The boys’ quilts needed to have their bindings finished last week, and I couldn’t even find a SINGLE binding clip, so I started thinking.  I wasn’t going to use pins, because that’s just a recipe for disaster (and besides, if I bled on the quilt I didn’t have time to wash it).

I wondered what would happen if I tried using bobby pins, and I knew I could find a bazillion of those.

Worked like a charm.


  1. Deb says:

    That surcharge works for wedding stuff, baby stuff (my favorite is the Baby Aquaphor, same old stuff as the regular stuff but I’m sure they charge extra for adding the cute baby logo). Those pins do work nicely, I have a TON of them hanging around here and I can always find every single one of them except when I want to use them.

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