How’d it turn out?

Having told you what I PLANNED to do, I figured I ought to come back and show you the fruits of my labor.

The frogging didn’t take long, and a goodly amount of quilting happened on the quilt that had the pleats in the back:


As far as the 4 patch posy quilts goes: the outer borders are on, and as a bonus, the backing is sewn together:


No idea how I’m going to quilt it.  I’ll let you know later this week….

And those log cabins with the ridiculous sashing:

I misspoke (mistyped?) yesterday.  I said the tiny pieces in the sashing finished at 1 in. by 3/4in.  I was wrong.  It’s crazier than that:  they finish at 1/2 in. by 3/4 in.

And they are done:


I was contemplating that print as a border option, but I think I’m going to go with a dark purple border, as a resting place before the insanity that will be the outer piano key border.


And no, the quilt is not all that flat, thankyouverymuch.  It’s OK, though.  I know the quilter.  She says she can quilt it out.

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  1. Ramona Quilter says:

    I loev the feather meander in that first one. Thank you for posting a photo of the quilting.

    The second one interests me. Is it going to the Bread & Butter category at MQS. I love those borders and the setting that you chose. How bright and cheerful it is. If it’s going to a show, I hope you get a ribbon.

    The last quilt has so much going on but it is such a fun quilt. I bet the eye travels all over on this baby. Find the red and white stripe, the lady bug, the yellow dots.

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