Holy Yardage, Batman


I have cut and shipped something like a 80 bazillion yards of fabric over the last few days.

And I’m feeling every yard of it in muscles I didn’t know I had.

Not that I’m complaining, it’s wonderful to clean some bolts off and get ready to welcome some new stuff later this week.

And I am so not complaining about the weather:  it might be cold, but at least we didn’t get snowed in like the East Coast.  Sorry guys!

I think I’m going to try to get caught up on my daily photos, I’m a week behind in editing and posting.  I can’t believe it is MARCH already.




  1. Diana Wilson says:

    Hey, I see MY yardage in that stack…..oh sure, make me feel worse about killing my stash busting…..EEEK.
    I never used to feel guilty when I bought fabric….what has happened to me?

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