After finishing the insanity of the little bitty sashing pieces, I turned back to another quilt project I had been working on.  I stayed up far too late last night finishing blocks, and then the mind turned to what to do about the applique words I want to add to this one.  It dawned on me this morning that I could use EQ6 to do some auditioning, so I fired it up and got to work.  (It was only about 3 weeks ago that I broke down and bought a copy of EQ6, I haven’t used EQ in ages, which is why it hadn’t occurred to me sooner to use it for this project.)

EQ6 is a blessing.

I’m able to look at all sorts of options that I’d never be able to do in fabric.

EQ6 is also a curse.

I’m able to look at all sorts of options that I’d never be able to do in fabric.

The images below are all exports of EQ images.  The real blocks are made, and the light ones don’t have this much contrast, they are much lighter.  The red ones, probably look pretty close to this in terms of range of values, but the EQ blocks are all the same, the real ones are all different.

The blocks finish at 8 inches (ish).  That means the quilt depicted in these pictures is 56 by 56.  Yes, the letters are going to be that big.  There will be more to the quilt, but I’m not sure what.  I’m leaning towards something asymmetrical, maybe a band of blue on the left, maybe with appliqued stars.

Here are some of my choices:

All 3 words in Calibri.


Or what about the three words all in a script font (this is CK_Alis_Writing):


Or what about two of the words in Calibri, and the final word in a script font.


Or what about……you get the idea.  I’ve scrolled through all of the fonts on my computer, looking for the perfect one.  I guess I need to go peruse some font sites for more options, since I clearly don’t have ENOUGH options.

I know which direction I’m leaning.  What do all of you think??


  1. Adam says:

    also i got the special edition dvd of twilight today, try to make it to my house around 8:00 and we can watch it

    ps bring booze

  2. Mary says:

    I love EQ even if I don’t use it for anything other than figuring out what size I want and how many blocks I’ll need, I use it on just about every quilt I make.

    I think I like #3 best although #2 is nice too.

  3. Deb Levy says:

    I love EQ! and EQ6 is so much better than the previous versions.

    My favorite is #3

    choices…a double edged sword, in quilting and in life.

  4. Karen S says:

    I too like #3, though my first instinct was….
    ummm I think I’ll just look through all my fonts quick……

  5. Ila Kool says:

    #3. Definitely. Although if you’re looking, maybe the 1st and 2nd line in an “antique” or rustic font to contrast… like BlackAdder ITC . Or maybe something blocky and bold like Rockwell Extra Bold for lines one and two.

    Help! It’s contagious!

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