An Exciting Anniversary


Today is our 13th wedding anniversary.   I’m going to celebrate by going to the shop in order to finish cutting and shipping a boatload of fabric.  (Sale!)

Mark is going to celebrate by hibernating.  He gets sick about…once a year, and when he does it really seems to wipe him out.  I guess it takes a really strong bug to bring him down.  (He’s not like some men who turn into babies when they get sick.  He just…checks out…and sleeps a LOT.)

The last time he got sick was Christmas 2007 when we were visiting my sister and her family.  He was so sick he actually consented to go to the doctor, which required a trip on the train into New York City.

I’m not sure how the boys are going to celebrate — today is a professional development day for the teachers.  They were going to have to spend the whole day at the shop, but since Mark is here, I might leave them with him for part of the day.  Between reading books and playing video games, they can do a pretty good job of entertaining themselves.

Though, I will need them for my photography class assignment later!

Have a great Monday everyone!


p.s.  I was looking for a photograph of mark to use for today’s entry — this one is from Jan, part of my daily photo project.  Originally I was going to use one of him from several summer’s ago, but when I looked back through the blog, I found that that was the photo I used when I posted about our anniversary LAST year.  I wrote some really nice stuff about him last year.  It’s all still true, too!


  1. Freda Henderson says:

    Happy Anniversary Suzanne. We have real exciting anniversaries around here too. Enjoy your day.

  2. Randi says:

    I’m so sorry I missed this yesterday! It was a hellacious day at the day job and I didn’t get my blog reading in. Happy belated anniversary! I had forgotten we were only a day (and a year) apart!

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