Where the buffalo roam

Our house sits on the west edge of town.  We are across the road from the New Addition, and also the Prairie Garden.  (Technically the Wilson Nature Preserve, I think.)  Some probably call it the Mess of Weeds, or something else derogatory.

When Mark and I brush our teeth, we usually stand looking out a window that faces north.  We look northeast and see the Prairie, as well as several of the houses.  (Including, ironically, my sister-in-law’s house.  How convenient that we can spy on her, right?)

Just kidding.  It’s not spying.  We’re just keeping track of them, making sure they are safe.

No, we don’t really pay attention to what’s going on.  Mostly because there’s nothing going.

OK, maybe we pay a little bit of attention.  How else would we have known that they had another new vehicle?

Neither of us remember for sure when it showed up, but for the past several months there has been a buffalo out in the Prairie.Buffalo in the prairie

Do you see it?  That black lump?

What is it??

OK, so we know it’s not really a buffalo, but neither of us can figure out for sure what the darned thing really is.  Neither of us can remember to ask anyone who might know (like…my sister-in-law…that’s her garage peeking out on the far left of the top picture).  Or, heaven forbid, neither of us has managed to actually walk over there and LOOK at the lump up close.  We have a guess, but I think the time has come that I’m going to actually figure it out.

I’d hate for it to really be a buffalo, hiding in the prairie, sad that no one has walked out to visit him and see why he’s roaming through this particular prairie.



  1. Ramona Quilter says:

    Many years ago, several of my gal-pals and I did a Vegas week-end. From the 11th floor of the Mirage, while waiting for the rest of the room to wake up, a friend’s daughter noticed somebody dodging and hiding around a dumpster on the ground. We couldn’t figure it out and made up our own “buffalo”. He was up to no good, we were sure of it because he hid whenever anybody walked by. We could see his red hat when he ran around the back of the dumpster. After a few hours, I ventured down with my cell phone. Our mystery man was a red shopping bag from the Forum and a plastic garbage bag which had not made it to the inside of the dumpster. So what is the buffalo?

  2. Diane says:

    OK, so I don’t know whether to feel comforted knowing that you are keeping watch over us out of “genuine concern for our safety”, or feel insulted that you’ve come to the conclusion that we are so boring we are not even spy-worthy. Of course, if anything exciting/alarming ever did happen over here, how long would it take you to respond? After all, you have been living next to a buffalo since last summer, and are just now getting around to asking about it! (But hopefully we are more exciting than a metal buffalo!)

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