I mailed my cards last week, and cards from others are starting to trickle in, here are cards from Mary


And Shirley:


I’ve actually had Shirley’s for awhile, but I keep forgetting to scan it and share it.

Our theme was Aesop’s Fables, Mary choose the fable of The Peacock and the Crane.  Shirley chose The Crow and the Pitcher.

I can’t wait to see the rest of them!  I can’t wait to show you mine, but I need to finish the last one (that will be mailed to Kathy W.!), since I didn’t manage to scan any of the others.


  1. Jill says:

    Those are really cool!

    I was going to respond about what happened in my class last night, but your email is a no response. Drop me and line and I will fill you in!

  2. Helen-Mary says:

    I always take photos of postcards. Now, reading your blog (which is very entertaining, by the way) I see I could SCAN them. Well, who knew??? Thanks for giving me another way to do things.

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