Monday Miscellany


Mom, will you just give me the damn cookie already?

My niece saw Katie yesterday and said “Wow, Katie’s getting really big!”

Yeah.  That would be ALL HAIR.  We did do some trimming on her legs the other day, to make it easier to clean her up when she came back inside, but it made her look a little silly.  Top Heavy.

Next time we give her a haircut, we are considering tranquilizers.

For us.

This morning I realized that I hadn’t opened the shop mailbox for a few days, which was silly because it was packed full, plus it had my second new piece of artwork in it!

Look!  Penguins!


Diane Duda is the artist.  If you visit her site, you can scroll down and see better pictures of the originals.

I need to get some frames, I’m thinking just plain black ones.  I’ll probably put these in my bedroom somewhere.

(Diane is the same artist that did the My Favorite Things paintings I got last Christmas.)

Last thing for now.  The boys were out playing in the snow yesterday, and I threw on my boots and other warm accoutrements and took the camera outside.  This is not my “picture of the day” but the mouth on Joe in this one just kills me.  He does this a lot. 


The Cascade Yarn sales guy was here this morning, spending my money, so I’d better get to work on trying to MAKE some money.  I’ll yak more later.

Oh, but first, it’s lunchtime…