Meandering in Space

(This is a repeat for readers who are members of MQResource, but I HAD to share this here, too.)

From Will Earley, Age 9, as told by his mother.

A couple of weeks ago, my Mom asked me if I would like to enter a quilt into this quilt show she goes to in April. After she told me what the prizes were, I agreed that I might like to do a quilt.

She showed me the astronaut fabric and asked if I would like my quilt to be made out of it. She pieced it, and then told me Fridaythat it was ready to be quilted. She had picked out this girly fabric for the back, but we found something I liked better at the shop. It’s kind of like Army camouflage, all pixelated, but in black instead of green. (**Swear to God, He said something about it being pixelated.)

She pinned everything on for me, and helped me get started. We practiced quilting Friday after school, and I decided to just do a meander on my quilt.

After we ate dinner on Saturday we went to the shop to quilt.

Obnoxiously, she took a bunch of pictures of me.


And took lots of pictures of the quilt while I was quilting it.


Every time we rolled the quilt forward she made me get down and look at the back. I think she wishes she could get down there so easily.


After it was done, she made me unpin it myself.


Every time we rolled, I drew a line with chalk that would show me how far I could get to the front rollers before I ran out of room. It really helped me not meander myself into a corner. I figured out that the lint brush Mom uses will brush the chalk marks off.


She finished Joe’s quilt last night, and in a little bit, she’s going to drag him to the shop so they can get his quilt quilted today, too.  She still has to bind both quilts and I’m sure I’ll bug her until that’s done and the entries are submitted.


  1. Mary Ann (Will's Gramma) says:

    Nice job, Will
    You did a great job (I got to see the process in person). You are very talented. And photogenic. And an all around nice boy. I love you.

  2. Adam(Will's Mom's Paramour) says:

    It looks great Will. Your quilting looks better than my first quilt on a frame did. Awesome job, I hope you win!

  3. Susan says:

    Will, this quilt is over the moon cool. I loved hearing your perspective. My son calls me obnoxious all the time too just because I take his picture. He got even with me by taking my camera and taking picture of me first thing in the morning and saving them as a screensaver on our computer…I’m sure you can think of something 😉 Good luck with your quilt.

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