Go Away Murphy


Dear Murphy,
Didn’t you have enough fun with me yesterday?  It’s not that you ruined my day, but you sure didn’t make it all that great, either.  I won’t even list it all, you know the kind of havoc you wreaked on my yesterday.

Don’t shake your head at me like that and give me that wide-eyed innocent look.  You do too know.

You just can’t help yourself, can you?

First, the order from the distributor — the 2 things I especially need for customers?  You just HAD to make sure that those were on backorder.  Very kind of you.

And now this quilt?  COME ON ALREADY.

I know I checked the measurements.  Well, OK.  I checked before I squared it up, but sheesh, I didn’t take that much off in order to square the fabric up.  And yes, i should have measured it again before I got it pinned all the way on, but if I had, I’m guessing you wouldn’t have felt the need to interfere with me.

So, you’ve had your fun.

Please go bother someone else,



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  1. Deb says:

    Don’t bother me either. Hannah spent an hour and a half in her crib skipping her afternoon nap. I suppose I should be thrilled she wasn’t crying the whole time, but the next 20-30 minutes right before she turns into a pumpkin could turn out to be terrible….

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