Daily photos:  I’ve been taking them, but not necessarily sharing them.  Or even getting them uploaded, but I’m caught up now.   Those of you that visit via your RSS Reader won’t have noticed, but there’s a new link in my sidebar, at the top, that links to where I’m posting all of the Daily Photos.  You can view them all, make comments, and subscribe to the feed if you so desire.

Nothing to write home about in these latest photos, partly because I’m taking some of them too late at night, which means the lighting is terrible, and everything’s been slightly out of focus.

Actually, that’s a pretty good metaphor for my life, too. The out of focus part, I mean.


If you’ve been here long enough you’ll know that I’ve written and self-published 2 books about machine quilting designs.  I’ve been “writing” a 3rd book for the better part of a year.  That’s in quotes because I go through spurts — if I’d stayed focused it would have been done long ago.   I haven’t focused on it, though, for any number of reasons, many of which you can probably guess at if you’ve been reading long enough.  New shop?  Back to customer quilting?  Knitting like crazy?  Yeah, those have contributed, but there are other reasons, too.

I’ve been torn about whether or not to even try to put it out there, whether or not people will find it worthy of purchasing.  I’ve been blocked mentally by how much I still have to do on it, even though I really have done quite a bit of work. Lots and lots of self-doubt.  I’m my own worst critic.

Well, Saturday morning I was snoozing, and dreaming a bit about some designs that I need to work on for some classes I’m teaching in April.  One thing led to another and suddenly I had a book-sized idea.  The details are hazy, but the big picture is there.

Ironically that has meant that I’m suddenly UNblocked about the 3rd book.  It has focused my thoughts on how I want to finish it, and how it might related to this new idea that I’ve had.

We’ll see what happens as I forge ahead.  The rough draft of book 3 is on top, the binder full of tabs is waiting for me to scribble notes for book 4.  I’m not making any promises, because I don’t want to eat my words.

Speaking of eating, I think I’d better go get some breakfast.  And get my sleeves rolled up and get to work. I have a lot to do.



  1. Ramona Quilter says:

    Book 3, oh, goodie, I can’t wait. I wish that you could see how us non-book-writers constantly grab up your books looking for inspiration, a refresher on a technique or an idea for a new design element. We feed each other. You write the book, we buy it. It sounds like a great formula to me.

  2. Lurking Linda says:

    I must tell you–you opened my eyes big time! I’ve been machine quilting for quite some time but after I read your books, I just took off! I love what I do now with my Babylock and would reallly love a new book to page through! And, yah, I agree with Mary the best ideas are dreams or when I’m half awake!

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