Drumroll please:

Wow.  I ended up with 172 entries in my quilt giveaway.  That included entries from the original post, entries on the quilt post, as well as a number of people that posted on their blogs.

Thank you to everyone that participated.  The sad part is that now I have all of these additional blogs to add to my list of daily reads.  When am I going to have time to blog???

I know, I know.  Get to the results, already.

My initial plan was to print names, and have one of the boys draw.  Well, for various reasons, that didn’t work out.   Instead what I did was dump everything to a spreadsheet, put it in reverse alphabetical order by first name, and then let random.org give me my random number.

In this case that number was 22.

So, lucky winner number 22 is…..


Congratulations, Shelley!!!  I’ll be in touch about the details, like…do you want me to finish the binding, or will you do it??? Oh, and where should I send it!

Giveaways are fun, look for more.  Except, maybe not an entire quilt like that anytime soon again.



  1. Shelley says:

    Happy Dance, Happy Dance, Happy Dance!!! DH had mentioned the day before that he had entered a drawing for a new hunting rifle. Yawn. I told him I had entered a drawing for a quilt. Boy was it fun telling him that ** I ** won!!!

    We have the wall at the studio all picked out for this beauty. It’s so cool that the hearts have all been quilted differently. What an inspiration!!

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