5 minutes + 5 dollars = 1 happy camper

I won’t show you a picture of my repaired glasses, but I do have TWO new replacement nosepads, and can no longer blame my crabbiness on metal digging into the side of my nose.

I’ll have to find something else to blame my crabbiness on.  Either that, or I’ll have to get UNcrabby.  I bet the arrival of the UPS truck will do the trick.  Well, assuming the order from my distributor is on the truck, that is.  I ran out of batting, so it’s hard for me to do any quilting, and I’m getting tired of catching up on my bookkeeping

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  1. David S. says:

    You could get lasik or whatever it’s called.

    I would also like to take this opportunity to rub it in that my vision has always been 20/20 uncorrected.

    I just had to buy new lenses for Sofia–that stuff is expensive.

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