Talking with Will

Will wanted to tell me about something that happened at school. I asked him if I could take some pictures of him while he talked. He said no, but I did it anyway.

He was crouched down trying to hide from me.


He can’t just concentrate on talking to me, he’s got to touch and feel and fidget.  Sometimes I grab him and make him focus, other times I let him go.  I fidget, too, so I know how it is.



He tucks his lower lip in like that a lot.



Can you hear him talking?  He was telling me about a drug prevention movie he’d watched in social studies.  There were a bunch of athletes (cool ones, like windsurfers and stuff) talking about how they couldn’t do the stuff they do if they were drug-users.  I hate that my fourth graders have to know about that kind of stuff.



I tried to get some smiles, but when he has to smile on cue, it gets goofy.  I didn’t even take those pictures, though I wish I had.  This closed-mouth smile looks pretty good, though.




Wasn’t it nice of him to pose in front of that wall of yarn.  It makes a great background, especially when it gets blurred out and is mostly just color.


Look at these eyes.  Isn’t he beautiful?  (This is one of the two photos that I actually Photoshopped, though I see now that it is still too dark.  It looks different here than it did in Photoshop.  I have so much to learn.  The other one I edited is the very first one back at the beginning of this very long photo-post).


And then he finally had enough of this messing around.



Come on, Will, show me what you really think.



  1. Mary Ann (Will's Grandma) says:

    Wow, that kid can really roll his eyes far back. I’m impressed. In the 4th photo from the end, I can see Joe’s smile on Will. The long hair is starting to grow on me. They just didn’t look right for awhile with hair, the darkness of the hair was especially surprising. But I’m beginning to like it.
    Fun series of closeups, interesting to see Will’s face right under yours.

  2. Alycia says:

    Hunh .. and you wonder where they get it? Mom, can I do …. : No : and they do it anyways!! Did you teach that to my kids? They are pros at it LOL

  3. Nancy H says:

    You’ve got yarn! haha

    Your boys are adorable, but I think I’ve told you that before. Isn’t it too bad you cant just freeze time?

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