january 10, 2009

Beginning to knit is like patting your head, rubbing your tummy, chewing gum and walking all at the same time.  At least, I suspect that’s what our newest knitters thought this afternoon.  I think they were starting to get it, though, and I hope they had fun at any rate.

Yesterday afternoon we had freezing rain, and by the evening time it had turned to snow.  I didn’t even know it was going to snow, and was more than a little surprised to wake up and find that we’d gotten…6 inches?  Or more?  It was really fluffy stuff, and thankfully it wasn’t windy.

I’m headed for my bed and will maybe make a few stitches of my own before turning in.  I about 2 weeks ago that if I want to wear my sweater any time soon, I actually have to WORK on my sweater.  I’ve only (only!) got 24 more rows of the sweater “skirt” to do (out of 80 rows).  The trouble is that after every 8 rows, I’ve added 12 stitches per row, so…each row takes longer and longer.  I did start working on the sleeves 2 weeks ago, I decided I’d better get them in process, because when I get finished with the body of the sweater, I might be ready to throw in the towel.