Saturday & Sunday

I set the camera on top of our TV armoire, and snapped this one.  I thought it would be interesting to take pictures throughout the year of our home and see how it changes.  We rearrange fairly often, plus there is always something going on — the table to the right of center is Lego Mindstorm Central at the moment.  And I’m noticing that the Poinsettia wallhanging never got taken back down after the holiday season.

january 24, 2009

The wall color is pretty accurate in this photo.  When we first looked at this house I thought “OMG that is YELLOW” and was sure we’d have to change it.

It has grown on me, though, and I’m glad I never could talk Mark into repainting.

january 25

The boys received a copy of the movie Wall-E for Christmas.  With the movie was a voucher for a free tree.  Mark went online, signed up, and here, finely, is our Tree.  We had to buy some potting soil and a pot last night.  Hopefully it survived it’s trip to our house, and can survive until such time that it can be transplanted to the great outdoors.

For reference, the portion fo the tree that is actually above the soil is only about 7 inches…

I think I’m all caught up now.  Well, caught up in sharing pictures, that is.

The boys should be home from basketball any moment now, and after we have our Traditional Sunday supper (popcorn, apples and cheese, that’s a well-rounded meal, right?), I might go sew for a bit.  I mean…clean up some more.

Yeah.  That’s it.  I’ll go clean some more.


Suzanne aka EDG