Our Daily Bed

January 9, 2009

I promise not to bore everyone with these all year long, but it’s all I’ve got right now.

In addition to taking lots of pictures of children and dogs, I thought I’d find some themes or challenges to work on throughout the year.  One of those will be a periodic look at what quilt is on the bed.

In this case, it’s the Strawberry Rail Fence quilt I made last spring.  Peeking out from underneath is a Minnesota Hot Dish I made several years ago.  I love having multiple quilts to sleep under.  Some nights I’m tempted to grab a third…

I debated about how much staging to do before snapping pictures.  In the end, I decided to leave the “stuff.”  Besides, all you can really see is Mark’s stuff, mine is hiding behind my Penguin Pillowcases.  They were a gift from Lynn, something I treasure, and as you can see do NOT share.  He has to make do with the cases that actually  match the sheets. (Which were bloody expensive, as our bed is an Expanded Queen, and while we love the size, it is nearly impossible to find sheets for it).

In the corner, you’ll see bits and bobs that are still leftover from when we moved my studio out of this room last summer.  One of these days, I guess we’ll have to finally do something about that piece of pegboard.  In case you are wondering, that is a poster for the most recent X-Files movie.  I got it for $5 from the theater in town.  It was hanging somewhere else and needed a temporary home.  Which has become semi-permanent.  House Beautiful, we are not.  Lived in Home is the look we aim for.

The walls really are that color.  Well, three of the walls are.  The 4th wall is a dark dusky purple.  If you get really close, you can see that the paint job wasn’t done very well (like a million other things in the construction of this house…), it could have benefited from a second coat.  One of these days we’ll repaint with a color we like, but since we’ve lived with the room the way it is for…4 years?  I guess we’ll keep living with it for awhile longer.

And yes.  That is a stuffed penguin sitting on top of our headboard.

Got a problem with that?


p.s.  it’s actually a miracle the bed is even MADE.