Mirror, mirror, on the wall

january 11, 2009

You should see the outtakes from my photo-in-the-mirror session this afternoon.  Yikes.  I held the camera low and tipped up, but of course, I couldn’t tell where exactly it was aiming, so I have lots of pictures of just the very top of my head.  Plus I found that if I looked straight ahead, it looked strange, and if I looked down, I looked cross-eyed.  So, I decided to go with purposely looking up and ended up with several that I kind of liked.

I have great plans to tell you more about what I’m doing with these photos, and how I’m planning to actually do this all year long.  I have this whole list in my head, and maybe tomorrow I’ll try to take the time to share it.

Yesterday, Liz asked about the quilt on the wall on the far right of the picture, the one you can just barely see.  I blogged about that quilt at the time, but I don’t seem to have a picture that shows the whole thing.  For now, though, I can direct you to this post, that shows the body of the quilt, plus the border audition, and this post which  shows some close-ups of the quilting.

Here’s another one of the self-portrait pictures I considered for today’s photos.  I am reserving the right to change my mind after the fact about a few of these photos…


One thing that never ceases to amaze me when I look at pictures of myself is just how dark my hair is compared to the mental image I have of myself.

In my head, I’m a much lighter blonde, and I don’t wear glasses.

I’m also, oddly enough, shorter.