Get yourself an egg and beat it

We were discussing the fact that it was time for the Christmas tree to come down, and I mentioned that I needed to figured out what to do in the windows of the shop, since the tree and Christmas quilts needed to come out.

Mark said “Well, that snowman quilt could stay, since it’s not really Christmas-y.”

“But I do miss it,” he added.

And just look at how good I am to him.  He’s watching football with the boys.  If he’s not careful he’ll be asleep shortly.

january 3, 2009

The boys are also playing with Legos, and I’ve got myself holed up in the master bedroom watching Stargate SG:1 and sewing.  Well, right NOW, I’m typing on the computer, but any second now I’m going to return to the ironing board and then get to sewing…


p.s.  The title has absolutely nothing to do with anything, it’s just the song that is stuck in my head now that my husband has introduced my children to the musical genius that is Weird Al Yankovic.  Thanks, Honey.