january 16, 2009

Mercifully, we had a warming up today, and temps are currently +2 (F).  Still cold, but somehow, the fact that it is ABOVE zero, makes it seem significantly warmer.

Following on from yesterday’s photo, today I thought I’d show off the finished Scorpion robot, being put through some trials.  It wouldn’t do what Will wanted, but after trying several different things he said “Oh!  I know what it is!”   And then he hopped off and headed back to the computer to fix his program.  I was pretty proud of him for persevering.  I felt bad that I had to drag him away and take him to school!

Mark and I are headed to a movie in a bit.  I’d rather stay home and watch the premier of Battlestar Galactica, but alas, I do not have cable and can’t watch it until it’s available online.  Pity me, I’m quite deprived.