And I thought yesterday was cold

Mark gets up at the crack of dawn, lets the dog out, and then goes downstairs to exercise.  Eventually, he returns to our bedroom to shower and get dressed for work.  I’m usually only vaguely aware of him when he gets up, and yesterday when he did, the first thing I asked was “How much snow did we get.”

“I just got up!  How should I know!”

See, I’d been dreaming, and I was absolutely positive that he had already BEEN up, and let the dog out and was back for his shower.  In fact, I was sure that the boys were up, too.

We laughed, he went about his business, and the eventual answer was A LOT.

This morning, I made sure I waited until he was back in the room for his shower before trying to ask him any stupid questions.  Like “How cold is it out there?”

His initial response was “Do you really want to know?”

I didn’t really want to know, but…what the heck.




So that’s today’s weather report.  And now, I have a bone to pick with some of my commenters.  Are you guys seriously dissing my Christmas sweater????


(I nicked the picture from my Mom’s blog, it is circa 1995)

I LOVE that sweater.

I still WEAR that sweater.  What you can’t see in the picture is the Christmas presents that are sitting under the Tree (around the bottom of the sweater).

OK, maybe I don’t LOVE it, but I do pull it out and wear it at least once during December, because get this:  the buttons are actually BELLS.  Jingle Bell Buttons.  That Jingle.  It is the most obnoxious sweater and I adore wearing it for that very reason.

So there.


And now, I need to go check on my offspring (they’ve had 1 early dismissal, 1 late start and 2 canceled days this week.  Lovely.)

And then, I need to get something done.

Stay warm!