You’d better watch out

Cause Santa will be listening when you slip and fall on the snow-covered ice and he’ll hear you use all those bad words.

(I’m fine, just grouchy.  We got lots of white precipitation today.  Enough said.)

Although, with the cool mail I’ve gotten recently, I have no reason to be grouchy.  last week, I jokingly suggested that people needed to send me chocolate.  Deb said it was on the way, and I thought she was kidding.


Joke was on me — not only did I score chocolate, but I got one of the cute cupcake pincushions she had shown off last week.  (The best one of course, since it is all RED…)

I was a little skeptical of the Dove chocolate that was labeled Bananas Foster, but I was too desperate for chocolate to care.  And hey!  It was pretty yummy!

I left them at the shop, so I’ll have to report on the Raspberry Ghirardelli stuff later…

(I can report that the cupcake is awesome and is performing admirably already).  Thanks Deb!!!

Speaking of small annoyances that we have control over and don’t do anything about…OK, that was a terrible segue, as the actual conversation about it was in a previous post…but it is related to the pincushion, honestly…

Why do I put up with bent and fat pins???  Why??  Pins are cheap!  I think I’ve ranted about this before — you know, how no matter how many pins there are in the pin container, you always (Always!) grab the bent one?  And instead of throwing away (well, putting it in a container for safe disposal), you throw it back int he pin container?

So, oddly enough, I now own a fair amount of inventory, and one of the items in my inventory just happens to be containers of brand-new pins.  I treated myself to a container today, and THOSE are the pins that are now adorning my new cupcake.  Not those nasty bent ones that I had been putting up with before.

I have MORE cool mail to report on, however, the SCAN of that cool mail is stuck on the computer at the shop, and I’m at home with no way to access it.   Duh.

I’m going to go post a new quilt project to my other blog, and then I’m going to go see if I can get any sympathy from my husband for my aches and pains from this morning’s fall.  I’m not counting on much.  He’s not very sympathetic…


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