We Wish You A Merry Christmas

I hope that those of you that celebrate Christmas have had a very special day.  We planned for a lazy day, and we got it.  After we ate dinner (lunch for those of you that don’t live in these parts…) I told the boys it was time for the Traditional Christmas Nap.

They thought I was joking.

Actually, I sort of was.  The joke was on me, however, because I managed to actually TAKE a nap, that lasted 3 hours.  I’m blaming it on the dog.  It was so cozy with her cuddled up next to me, I didn’t want to disturb her.

(Mark said that she spent at least part of the time out with them watching Tom and Jerry cartoons.  I’m sticking to MY version of events).

I received some very lovely presents, and I think the rest of the family was pleased with their assortment of items.  The boys groaned when they opened the Camo Underwear.  I told them I was getting them underwear.  I don’t know why they didn’t believe me.

They both got iPods.


They also got a Nintendo DS from my sister and her family.


Oh, and Katie gave them Homer Simpson slippers.  Because everyone needs Homer Simpson slippers.  That Katie, she’s a pretty good shopper.

They got a bunch of other cool stuff, too, but I didn’t manage to take any other pictures that weren’t completely blurry.

I’ll have to get someone to take a picture of me in the sweater I got from the boys.  It’s got mittens for pockets.  Way cute.

We’ve watched a movie this evening (Mark and I watched Mamma Mia, the boys watched Star Wars movies on their iPods…), ate popcorn, and I think it must be about time for bed.  Yes, it’s only 9:20.  Lazy Christmas, remember?