This Christmas

Yesterday’s Concert

At the beginning of the Holiday Concert, the Principal asked everyone that was in the audience that might have been in a Holiday Concert in a past year to raise their hand…I’m terrible at estimating percentages, but a whole heaping helping of that crowd had their hands in the air.

Here’s the 4th graders doing their musical part to ring in the holidays.  Joe’s wearing the red tie.  Will’s got the blue tie on.  Joe’s shirt was tucked in, Will’s was not.  Thankfully you couldn’t tell once they were all standing up in place.


Holiday Gifts

Our school does a Holiday Store, parents (and others) donate “stuff” and kids get the opportunity to go shopping for presents for their family.  Or themselves.  Some of them are pretty honest.

Joe had his turn on Tuesday, and when he got to the shop he told me I could open one of the packages, cause it was stuff to decorate the store.

A snowman:


And a mitten ornament:


I thought he did pretty well.  I don’t think he spent more than $1.00…

Will’s gifts are under the tree.


Warty Mammal has been posting pictures of some really interesting Christmas ornaments for the last 2 weeks.  I thought I’d try to find something that matched the uniqueness of what she’s been sharing, but remarkably, I couldn’t find anything on my tree that was quite as…unique.

Instead, I thought I’d show you the glass ornaments that we added this year.  We have a Stained Glass studio in town, and one Saturday they were doing glass blowing demos.  Each kid got a blown glass ornament.  I’m not clear on how much of the decoration was done by the boys themselves (nor do I know whose is whose…better figure that out…).  But here are theirs:



50 points if you can find me in the picture.

My Internet connection has been astonishingly obnoxious this morning, so I’m going to click Publish and get this over with before I pull out any more hair.

Later –