Let It Snow

Mark thinks our total snow accumulation was around 8 inches.  There was some blowing, so it’s hard to say.

It was the strangest storm.  It didn’t get started here until much later than they had originally forecast, which probably means that it stalled out over some other poor souls that got snow dumped on them, too.  When it did start, for us, it was freezing rain/sleet/ice pellets.  Yuck.  Somewhere around 3AM I woke up to hear thunder.  And then it sounded like it was absolutely pouring, but I think that must have been ice, too.

And then snow.


Downtown, the plows come through and shove it all to the middle.  Later they’ll come back and scoop out the mountain of snow.  At the moment, it makes parking AND driving a bit hazardous, as there really isn’t room for both — consequently many vehicles are pulled part way up onto the sidewalk.


I don’t expect I’ll see much traffic in the shop, but hopefully I’ll be able to keep on keeping on, getting tons of quilting and sewing done.

Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm (or cool if that is more appropriate…)