Journal Your Christmas, Day Whatever

I’m rethinking how I’m going to do this whole Christmas journal thing, and will probably just respond to the prompts as blog posts. I’m a couple of days behind, so I may be combining some ideas/skipping some things/pretty much doing whatever the heck I want.

(I should add that I seem to have fully recovered from Friday’s excitement.  It was actually one of those days where I was sort of watching it all happen as if from afar, and laughing right along with everyone else.  I have not, unfortunately, recovered from my cold.  I tanked up on decongestant, cough medicine, and Tylenol right before heading to church this morning to play the piano and proceeded to spend the entire church service feeling a bit…jittery…I don’t think I rushed through nay music too badly…I’m just glad my misery is of the upper respiratory variety, I’d really hate to have the stomach bug that’s floating around.  Ugh…)

Where was I?

Ah yes.  Christmas.

The tree is up and decorated, with absolutely no assistance from yours truly.

In fact, all of the Christmas decorating is done, and I didn’t do a lick of it.

The stockings are hung (oh!  that reminds em of a project for my sister-in-law.  must do that tomorrow…)

The garland is strung on the balcony.

Various bits and bobs are distributed throughout the house and we actually have Christmas lights on some trees outside (last year, it got cold early and stayed cold, so the outside lights never did get put up…).

The boys actually did most of the tree (Daddy did the lights), and they are tall enough that they can reach up fairly high (or use a stool), so there isn’t a boy-height concentration of ornaments…

I’ll share pictures later in the month.

At the moment, I’m trying to contemplate what still needs to happen.  What might happen.  If some of it doesn’t happen, the world won’t end.

  1. Christmas cards
  2. Stocking stuffers and some other small stuff for the boys
  3. Load some stuff on the things for the boys (sorry to be obtuse, boys don’t read the blog, but I’d sure hate for one of you to give away their surprise.  My brother-in-law tried his darndest several times while he was here.  Having really small fries at his house, he’s not used to big kids who LISTEN to adult conversations.)
  4. Shop for nieces, nephews, and various other family members
  5. Actually MAIL gifts for nieces, nephews and various family members PRIOR to Christmas
  6. Shop for Mark
  7. Quilts for teachers
  8. About a million other things I’m probably forgetting.

And that’s just the Christmas related items.

How’s your list doing?  Making any progress?

(Inspite of my whining to all who will listen, my cold really isn’t as bad as I make it out to be.  Nor is any of the rest of it that bad either.  I just like to whine.  I’m good at it. )