If I lived in a tropical climate…

You KNOW that I’d be complaining about the heat.  I’d whine and whine about how many days it was sooooo hot, and how much I hated being hot and sweaty all the time.  There would probably be complaints about humidity and bugs, and I don’t know what else.

Oh wait.  That’s what I do in the summer time here in Iowa.


We had snow on Sunday and a late start for school on Monday (mostly due to the wickedly blowing snow…)

It is snowing again today, though it seems to have quit for now.  It’s always funny to see a forecast that says 100% chance of snow. Really?  You think?  I took the picture above (and some others) to try to remind myself of the BEAUTY of the snow and ice.  It helps a little.

I did do yesterday’s Christmas Journal activity, but I’m not ready to show it yet.  I printed it at the wrong size and need to redo.  Oops.

Today’s prompt is about Christmas cards.  Last year, at this time, we had the Christmas tree up and I could take some photos of the boys in front of it for our cards.  This year, we haven’t gotten the tree up yet, and I’ll probably have to wait until this weekend to do pictures during the day when we (hopefully) have some good daylight.  The other suggestion was to get out pen and paper and write a letter.  And mail it.  When is the last time  you did that?  I couldn’t even guess when I last wrote a letter.

Yesterday, I got a note in the mail from someone, and getting that handwritten note, which I never would have even looked for, really brightened my day.  It was short, and probably didn’t take more than a few minutes to write and mail.

I’d like to challenge all of you, my blog readers, to step away from the keyboard and monitor and take a few minutes to hand write a note to someone today.  It doesn’t have to be a multi-page accounting of your life, just a few lines in a blank card would do.   Send it to a family member or friend that could use some cheering up, or look for one of the many letter-writing campaigns that are always looking for people to send letters to soldiers or sick children or…

I promise that when I write my letter to someone today, I won’t even complain about the snow.  Not even a little bit.