In a bizarre turn of events, Suzanne will now complain about a LACK of snow.


Yesterday, we had what really did amount to a heat wave — it was 43 degrees when I went to bed last night.  As a result:  most of our snow is now gone.   And it’s raining.  Except, it’s gotten colder again, so now it’s a Freezing Rain Mist.  And we are going to get 1/4 to 1/2 inch of ice accumulation.

Mark was going to take the boys skiing on Wednesday, but didn’t because the weather was really nasty.  And then he had decided to take them TODAY.

Which is why I’m sad that there is no snow here in our part of Iowa.   And that it is icy.  Because even if the ski area they were going to still has snow on the trails (which they probably do, because they do make snow at this place…), I’m not sure that traveling in this ice is such a great idea.  Ugh.  Mark is glad that he spent an hour and a half the other day snowboarding down the hill he created in our backyard.  It’s gone now.

I’m sure it’ll be back, but good grief.  Everybody’s on vacation NOW, we want the snow NOW.

Oh, and I was supposed to be having a sale at the store, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be the only one here for most of thte day.  And in all honesty, I’d rather people did stay home than try to come here.