Cold toes

I ran home to deal with lunch, and my toes haven’t warmed up yet from the excursion.

The boys came home from school yesterday absolutely convinced that they would have today off.  A winter storm was bearing down on us, and it looked to be a doozy.

They weren’t wrong:  school is closed today.  Thankfully, though, we didn’t get pounded as much as we could have.  It started with a layer of ice, and ended with a dusting of snow.  And wind — lots of wind, blowing that snow around.

I don’t envy the people that have to make decisions about schooling closings or delays.  No matter what a superintendent decides, someone will likely disagree.  Last year we ended up with more than 20 days of delays/early dismissals/closures.  We had a late start last week, but this is the first day off.

Today’s snow day points out a flaw in this whole  move-the-business-out-of-the-house-thing:

I have to actually LEAVE the house and venture out into the cold.  Meaning a new level of complaints that you might hear from me as the winter grinds on.  And it’s not even technically winter yet!

You wouldn’t know it from my postings of late, but I have actually been quilting and knitting.  I haven’t posted about much of it, though, because most of the quilting has been for customers (and has either been super simple and not really worthy of posting or has been of items that I shouldn’t share because they are for gifts).

I did actually take a picture of a quilt yesterday, and am working on a tutorial based on said quilt.  I’m going to make you go somewhere else to see it, though, because I’m in the process of mentally restructuring my usage of my blogs.

For quilting and knitting projects, I’m going to start posting at the shop blog:

This blog will remain here at this location for the time being, but will be more of the everything-else-besides-quilting-and-knitting type posts.

At least, that’s my plan.  I hope you’ll go over there and take a look and add that blog to your blog reader.  If you are only here for the fiber-related postings, you can go over there and not have to read about my kids or the weather.

Though, I can’t promise I won’t occasionally mention the weather over there.

I joked about it the other day, but I really am thinking about renaming this blog.  Any suggestions?

I think my toes have finally warmed back up after venturing out for lunch, so I’d best get to work!