WIP Wednesday

MY Work In Progress post is pretty pathetic today.  No pictures, the camera is at the shop and I completely forgot to grab it.  I could go get Mark’s camera, but that’s waaaaaay over on the other side of the house.

NOt that anything I’ve been working in is photo-worthy at the moment.  Progress has been made on a number of fronts, but nothing that really looks any different.

It’s a busy weekend at the shop and in Traer, if you have some time (and are local…) you might want to come see what’s going on — in addition to the Fiber Arts Festival, there is a craft show in town, and a craft show on Saturday in one of our neighboring towns.
This weekend kicks of the start of Holiday Happenings — a series of weekend events designed to entice people to shop locally this holiday season.  I hope that wherever you live, you’ll consider shopping in your local main street shops, rather than just heading to the Big Box stores.  You might find some hidden gems.

I’d like to write more, but at the moment, I just don’t have any more energy.