The shoe verdict

I see that Mary got her shoes, and mine arrived last week as well.  The verdict?  Mixed results.  I don’t love them as much as I love my sandals, so I don’t know that I’ve replaced the sandals or not.  The arch in the right shoe hits me just a little bit funny.  I do love the service from, though, and can recommend them as a way to buy shoes online.  I’m not crazy about buying that way, but it’s so hard for me to find what I want in stores around here that I guess I’ll have to go with.

Yesterday, our HS football team played it’s semi-final game — and WON!  It was a great game — and it was indoors…nice…(state football championship games are played in the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls. Wish they could play indoors all the time…)

The Class A Championship game is next Friday at 2.  I think they are probably going to close school for the day (which they’ll have to make up later, but I think it’s totally worth it…).  This will be the first time for the North Tama Redhawks to actually PLAY in the championship game.

I don’t really have anything creative to report on (though I did work on my sweater for awhile last night and found a much better way to do my Make 1 Increases (what I was doing was leaving holes, ugh), this new way makes total sense (now that I know about it) and will make me much happier.  I’m not ripping out, but I’ll probably use some sewing thread to close up the gaps…).

I think I’ll quit rambling now.  Have a lovely day!


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