The real Tuesday

So, I’ve just now realized that yesterday’s post was titled Tuesday, but it was actually Monday when I wrote it.  I suppose most of you READ it on Tuesday and didn’t even notice the incongruity.  Either that or no one is actually paying attention to me.  Sometimes I worry that it’s the latter, but then every so often my Dad calls me and asks me a question or makes a comment about something he read on my blog, so I know that at least HE is paying attention. (Hey Dad!  How are ya?)

I’ve been doing a little mishmash of everything the last few days.  Printing and trimming stuff for the Stories In Hand class at, thinking about what I’m going to do for my Journal Your Christmas project this year.  (And if you are interested in doing your own Christmas Journal, you should visit Shimelle, sign-ups are open…)  Plus!  I’ve actually done some work, including some customer quilting, cleaning the shop back up after the weekend of fun, and putting together a new shop sample.  I sewed the rows together this evening and brought them in here to press, whereupon I have discovered that I’ve actually put half of the rows together wrong.  Duh.


I know you probably can’t tell, but I will say that the long light-colored rectangles with stripes on them,  are not supposed to line up in almost-rows like that. (What I did was make all 5 rows the same, and every other row should be shifted.  Here I’ve just flipped them end for end, and it’s just not right.)  On my way in to sew earlier, I looked at the book with the pattern in it, and thought, I don’t need to look at that, I know what I’m doing.  Ha.)

It’s the same pattern as the fall-themed quilt I did several weeks ago.  I got a whole whack of new fabric last week and a lot of was was WOW-BRIGHT.  The picture doesn’t even do the fabric justice.  Those of you that know me (and the color box that I live in) are probably wondering if I’ve lost it.  I’m still not sure I like it or not.  Will was just in here and asked if it was for someone.  I told him it was a shop sample and asked him if he liked it or not.

“It’s pretty bright,” was his answer…

After I unsew and resew so that the blocks are in the right order (because I’m trying to actually follow the pattern, since it’s a shop sample, and dang me, that is really hard, because I hate following patterns…), I’ll need to decide on a border — one of the really wild and crazy prints?  Or something tamer?

I think that was everything I intended to babble about this evening.

If not, I’ll babble about something else tomorrow.