Nothing scary this year

IN the past we’ve had skeletons and Jawas adn other scary things.  This year was pretty normal.

An ATV rider:

(the shirt is his Dad’s, the helmet is his brother’s.  will’s helmet is red, so he asked nicely and joe graciously let him borrow the blue one.)

A cowboy:

(ok, so maybe he was TRYING to be scary, but mostly?  he was just danged cute.  he looked so grown up, it was kinda scary.  boots, play guns and holsters were Mark’s when he was younger.  the hat and shirt belong to Grandpa E.  The story I got was that the shirt was purchased in New Mexico sometime before Mark and his sister arrived, so it’s a pretty old shirt.  I should try to take some better pictuers of the just the shirt, because it’s pretty cool.  Gorgeous snaps.)

Funny story about the blue jeans.

My boys hate to wear blue jeans.  They’d much rather wear sweats or the swishy athletic pants (like Will in the first picture).  I keep telling them that if they’d wear the blue jeans more often (and subsequently wash them…) they’d soften up and be much more comfortable but they haven’t bought that.

Wednesday night Joe was telling me that he wanted to be a cowboy and was talking about what pants he would wear.  He had some brown cargo pants in mind.


Don’t you know what REAL cowboys wear??????

REAL cowboys ONLY wear blue jeans.

He rolled his eyes at me.   “But moooooom.”

No buts.  If you are going to be a cowboy you have to wear your blue jeans.

So the very next day, which was Thursday, he comes rolling out of his bedroom wearing…

drumroll please…

blue jeans.

He thought he’d give them a test drive.

At the end of the day, when asked for a review: “Yeah, they’re not that bad.”

Ha!  Told you so.

p.s.  Teresa recognized the pink stuff — it’s corn dust floating down from the Elevator which is just south of the downtown.  It’s like snow.  I don’t seem to be allergic to it (thankfully), but it’s allover the place.  Something else to get used to downtown is the hum and thrum of the elevator this time of year.  Weird stuff for someone who’s not a native country girl.

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