Done before midnight

Sort of.

After we got the quilts all hanging and the other items (crochet, knit, etc…) arranged, I worked a bit on my vendor table, ate some pizza and then headed back to the shop to redo some of the labels, and of course my printer decided to jam.

Of course.  Finally got that to work and then realized that I needed to be able to make change and write receipts.  Got that all figured out, my car loaded up and headed back and had just missed my co-chair (who had the key).  I wasn’t sure how long I’d be at the shop (and was longer than I’d actually expected…) so she was going to wait for awhile, and if I didn’t make it back, we’d finish everything in the morning.  Which means that I’m mostly done with everything by 11:30 PM the night before.  I was worried it’d be a lot later…

Did I mention that we are putting on a Fiber Arts Festival this weekend in Traer?  As of Monday I think I had exactly 1 quilt to hang.  As of tonight, we have over 100 items on display.  It looks really wonderful, if I do say so myself.  It’s a little bit of everything quilts, afghans, doilies, cross-stitched pictures, etc, etc… — and most of it either has a great story, or will likely spark a lot of conversation.  And while some of them are mine, or were quilted by me, it’s not entirely my stuff, thank goodness.

I was going to try to do some visual documentation — photos of the empty space, photos of my helpers hanging things, etc.  Duh.  The memory card was stuck in my computer.

So, tomorrow, I’ll try to take some pictures of everything displayed.

For many years Traer had a quilt show, but it had not taken place last year, and was missed.  Unfortunately, we were quite behind as far as getting this year’s show arranged, but we got ‘er done.

At least once in the past, the space that we are using for the show had been rented for a Christmas part on the night before the quilt show was to open.  And the party-goers were there until 10PM.  The quilt show couldn’t even start hanging until about 10PM, and didn’t finish until 3AM.  Ugh.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen to us…I’d be so bonkers by now.  More bonkers than I am already.

But thanks to my husband, Ellen and her husband, my sister-in-law and her daughter and my Mom and my friend Jean — I’m a lot less bonkers than I might otherwise be.

Most especial thanks go to my sister-in-law and her husband because the boys are at their house (for a sleepover) and as long as they behave, they are invited to spend most of the day there, playing with their cousin.  (Conferences this week, so no school tomorrow, the teacher’s get a comp day).

Ok.  Gotta finish messing with a few things and then to bed.

More later! (With Pictures!)


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