Do over

For most of last week, I felt like I needed a do over.  Nothing especially WRONG, just kind of…out of sorts.

Already this week, I’m feeing the same way.  Ugh.

Petty stuff, like, I forgot to put my belt on this morning, so I’m having to hitch up my jeans all time time.

Or the fact that I took my shower, got dressed, used the hair dryer on my bangs, but forgot to go back and do anything else to my hair, so…it’s not really a BAD hair day, it’s more of a not-so-great-hair day.  Plus, it needs to be repermed, so it’s starting to drive me a little bit batty.

And I’ve already got plenty of batty going on, I don’t need anymore help.

I had kind of a funny conversation this morning.  Lady walks in and you could tell that she was doing  a double-take.

Her: This isn’t what I expected it was going to be.

Me: Oh?

Her: Yeah, I thought it was a hardware store.  You know, because of the name, what it is it?  Nuts and bolts or something?

I tried to say something about how the shop name was a play on the words.  I didn’t mention the visual clues on the sign or the fact that the sign says essentials for FABRIC and YARN lovers.

She continued to try to explain to me how the nuts and bolts thing was hardware related.

Um.  Yeah. Got it.

ANd now.  My cellphone has rung TWICE THREE TIMES with text messages from and subject lines that are apparently song titles, wanting me to download them.  Frak. What is freaking up with that?

OK.  I’m ready to start today over.  If my cellphone keeps ringing with this crap, though, I’ll be really batty by the end of the day.


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