A more auspicious start

1.  I put on a belt.

2.  I fixed my hair (and for bonus points, put on make-up).

3.  I voted (ballot number 238).

4.  My phone only rang one more time with a ringtone message.

5.  Our high school football team won it’s playoff game last night, 20-0.  Their record is 11-0, and they will hopefully continue to win their way to the state championship in a few weeks.

6.  I got a pretty good chuckle out of my brother’s comment on yesterday’s post.  Actually he was responding to Susan’s comment, and I just hope that Susan doesn’t get too mad at my brother.

With any luck I’m going to have a very productive day, I’m going to eat a great Chicken and Biscuit Dinner (an election day tradition put on by one of the local churches), and I’m going to enjoy watching how today’s events turn out.  Even though I’ve complained about how tired I am of this election, I do feel excitement about how important and historic this election is for our country.

Have a great Tuesday.


p.s.  Have you voted yet?

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